Coastal (Re)Vision
Design for a Better World Challenge Finalist

Developed in conjunction with Genevieve Hoffman, Coastal Revision is an initiative that empowers coastal communities to take on the many problems posed by sea level rise. Built on the dual principles of universal access and community engagement, Coastal (Re)Vision is a computer and smart phone application that serves as both educational tool and design forum.

Though scientists differ on the speed and intensity with which weather patterns and sea levels will change, it’s generally agreed upon that coastal areas will be subject to more property damage and economic disruption that come from increasingly extreme weather events. While the changes posed by such incoming changes appear frightening and disruptive, they present a valuable opportunity for residents to re-evaluate their communities.

Coastal (Re)Vision serves as the platform from which this process of re-evaluation can take place. It makes strides to advance the important initial stages of effective design interventions. No project will be successful that does not take into account the priorities, concerns and ideas of the community in which it will be built. And no community will come forward with reasonable ideas if they are not well informed. Based on the principles of the design charrette, Coastal (Re)Vision is an engaging, accessible way to inform users about sea level rise, as well as a tool through which people can express their design concerns and ideas.

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