Speculative Futures 
Design Approaches to Navigate Change, Foster Resilience, and Co-create the Cities We Need

My first book is getting published this fall! It explores how the emerging field of speculative futures can help us imagine and build more resilient, equitable cities.

Speculative futures – design approaches that visualize new and potential worlds – move us beyond what currently exists into the realms of what could be. Long used in art, film, fiction, architecture, and industrial design, the tools employ speculation to provoke, imagine, and dream into what lies ahead. Written for futurists, urbanists, and artists looking to enact city-wide transformation–and for readers at the intersection of disruption, design, and city living – the book offers creative paths toward urban resilience, using design tools that already exist.

A blend of precedent studies, research, and professional memoir, the text links longstanding issues in urban development with the processes and actions positioned to create the more resilient cities this century demands. The interdisciplinary lens is a window for examining how we can reimagine our cities as individuals, as communities, and on professional scales. The result is a field guide for using speculative futures tools to imagine, advocate for, and adapt to modern scales, scopes, and speeds of change.

I wrote it both for professionals in the urban development worlds, as well as all those who resist received, capitalistic, technocratic ways of thinking. It’s for people seeking new solutions to old problems.

Images courtesy of Karl Baumann, Roadmap 2050, Lisa Jackson, and the Canadian Film Board