The Past Is Prologue
Collaborative exhibition with Subframe
California Historical Society, Palace of Fine Arts, SF

This project contexualizes long term change in the Marina District to spark public discourse about the pace and magnitude of climate impacts on the neighborhood. Collaborating with audio storytellers at Subframe, I combined audio narrative, images, historical timelines and artistic renderings to investigate how the site has physically changed and tracks the forces that enacted those changes. Understanding how the area went from hillside to wetland to the site of the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition, from thriving urban area to disaster zone following the Loma Prieta earthquake, helps us appreciate that no matter how much the ground beneath our feet feels solid, the world we live in is always shifting into something new. The result is The Past is Prologue, an investigation of the site in three parts -- a narrative audio exploration, an illustrative video short titled 'The Marina Through Time,' and an interactive installation.

Listen to the complete audio story here:

Visuals and audio were presented to the public together at the Palace of Fine Arts in a day-long, site-specific event in January 2016.

Visuals were compiled into, The Marina Through Time, an animated short:

The Marina Through Time from johanna on Vimeo.

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