Prototype 01

Waterspots are water catchment & treatment hubs combining rain, fog & dew harvesting with public gathering & education space. As climate change progresses, capturing fog & dew for drinking purposes will become an increasingly important tool for water security. At the same time, climate change will cause rainfall in many semi-arid climates across the globe to decrease. Rain events that do occur are slated to be stronger & shorter. Maximizing our capacity to capture that water when it falls is vital to enhancing water resilience as climates shift.

Waterspots accomplish both of these goals. Layers of plastic filament mesh span frames of aluminum pipes. Acting much like the needles of redwood trees, the mesh captures passing fog and transfers it to storage & treatment containers below.

Waterspots also serve as public gathering spaces. Seating allows people to linger, learn about water resilience issues, chat with each other and enjoy a rest from the day. Very much the watering holes of the 21st century, Waterspots bring water catchment & treatment to the public realm, creating accessible spaces to celebrate the value of water.

The first functional prototype was installed in Berkeley, California in the fall of 2017. 
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